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Your technological coach will help you to optimize your digital world.


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Technological coaching

At your side to assist you in the decisions of your digital life.
Is it time to move to the cloud?
Do I have enough secure access to my information?

Workshops “Mission: Zero Paper”

Sharing a methodical approach to digitization in workshops allows participants to confront their problems and acquire basics easily.

RFP Management

By your side to prepare a call for tender and definition of the specifications.
Receipt of offers, analyzes and generation of a weighting table.
Technical presentation of the offers and recommendation of a solution.

Workshops “WebCoaching”

It's easy to create your own website, but it's faster to have a coach to avoid the mistakes of the beginning. 50% theory, everything else is sharing and practical support.

IT costs reduction
Finalized projects
Our difference

We are focused on your needs and our experience is key for a great success.


Is it time to move to cloud?

Existential question, with many answers regarding your position onto cloud journey

How can I optimize my actual IT infrastructure?

Sometimes unused, some ressources could be helpful

How can I keep time for my leisure?

Digital world is changing fast, some solutions are coming to help you gain time and money

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